Featuring Our Premium Natural Ingredients

The real hero of our patisserie range is the premium natural ingredients carefully selected by our in-house food technologists as a feature to every recipe we create.

The importance of these core ingredients is worth taking a closer look at to fully understand the value and quality of our products from the cheesecakes and tarts to the slices and slabs, savoury or sweet, gluten free and vegan. It is a well-accepted fact that it is the quality of the products going into a recipe that will dictate the quality of the final dish.

It is for this reason that we demand only the best from our suppliers to ensure we can continue to deliver the best patisseries to our food service and hospitality customers worldwide.

NZ Dairy

At the heart of all good baking is premium milk, butter and cream. We are so fortunate, here in New Zealand, that such ingredients are literally on our doorstep and readily available to us all so there really is no reason to settle for anything less than our dairy industry has to offer.  More than that though, we know that healthy, grass fed cows produce particularly high quality milk that is exceptional for use when baking all manor of patisseries.

NZ dairy products are especially evident in our cheesecakes which continue to be the star of our selection, even after 25-years in manufacturing! We have customers who have featured our cold-set and baked cheesecakes on their menus for almost as long as we have been making them.

Real Fruit Toppings

Located in the Bay of Plenty region means we have access to some of the best quality and range of fruit in the country. Working with this delicious natural ingredient brings its own opportunities and challenges as well as a depth of flavour and richness to many of our desserts, cakes and slices.

While we leave the dressing of our cakes to our customers, we do have a large number of slices and cheesecakes which feature a fruit topping or swirl finish. We are proud to say that we make many of our own fruit toppings that have less sugar and are shiny when defrosted.  All are made from real fruit to deliver the right combination of sweetness and tartness to the patisserie.

Fruit also features as an ingredient in many of our slices including our Vegan Muesli Slice, Rocky Road Slice and Apple & Mixed Berries Crumble.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Above all, it is as important to us as it is to our customers, that the ingredients we use are non-GMO. This is an important standard we can all agree on and we are proud to include this label of Non-GMO Ingredients  alongside our brand.

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