Famous for Our Cheesecakes

Cafes, restaurants, airlines and hotels around the world know us well for our delicious cheesecake range. This is the product that helped us to make our mark as a premium supplier of wholesale patisserie products.

Café and hospitality owners all know that a great cheesecake is one of those items that can really catch the eye of your customers. It is a showcase product that will tempt those passing by or be a hero image that positions your business as a premium provider as well.

It is for this reason we have such an extensive cheesecake range today, and why our team is often called on to design a custom style of flavour for our customers. Our standard cheesecake range includes our 10 most popular flavours and finishing presentations. However, you can also talk to our team about a flavour combination to suit your customers or brand.

Those who know our business well will also know our history, starting as a small patisserie and café in Tauranga before then moving into our custom premises to Mount Maunganui where we extended into wholesale manufacturing for hospitality and food business all over the world.

While our range of wholesale products has continued to grow and evolve over the years, it is still the cheesecake that remains a stead staple on our menu and keeps our customers coming back for more too.

Please contact us today if you would like to discuss including any of our products on your menu.

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